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Lokicraft: Build Your Blocky World To Survive

Have you ever wished for a game that lets you build anything you can imagine? How about venturing into a huge world where you can gather different materials for your crafting needs? If you said yes to all of these, then Lokicraft is the game for you!

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Build With Your Imagination in Lokicraft

Imagination is the key when playing Lokicraft since it lets you create almost anything you can think of! You start your journey in an area where you’ll have ample time to plan out the items you’ll build. Once you’ve decided, you’ll need to gather the necessary materials so that you can begin crafting tools, trinkets, and buildings.

Construct a variety of items that include household items to various shelter and settlement options. Build anything from simple log cabins, sturdy stone-hewn cottages, and even towering structures – the choice is completely up to you! Create your ideal town, city, or metropolis that is teeming with magnificent structures one brick at a time!

The grander your building idea is, the more materials you need to gather. Luckily, the game has a vast world that you can explore to look for new crafting resources. Journey through lush forests and tall mountain-tops. You can even dig deep to the game’s center to look for different rocks, stones, and even diamonds!

Arm Yourself As Dangers Lurk In Lokicraft

Exploring the huge open world is fun, but not without dangers. Some monsters and beasts lurk in search of their next meal! Zombies, Spiders, and other monsters take refuge in different regions and often come out at night. This is why you should craft some weapons and build a shelter before nightfall arrives. But be careful as these monsters usually prowl in groups and will overwhelm you! So when you travel at night, it’s better to look for a safe place and avoid these monsters if you see them in the distance.

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That said, you will also encounter a plethora of wildlife as you venture deep into the different areas in Lokicraft. You can hunt them down for food to sustain your HP, or you can domesticate them to become your pet. That said, you’ll also need to secure your pets and livestock from monsters at night by providing the necessary fencing or barn. This way, they won’t end up as food for the lurking beasts!

You can also use your creativity to address the threat by setting up different safehouses. This gives you added protection if you wish to gather and explore through the night. You can even try to look for them during the daytime so that you’ll know where they sleep. This way, you can either mark that area or get rid of them before nightfall.

Lokicraft is a unique game that allows you to shape the world the way you want it. It breaks the boundaries of reality and lets your imagination run wild! Don’t take our word for it though. Download our PC version of Lokicraft and experience the magic on the ultimate gaming platform.

Game Features

  • Fight monsters to receive valuable resources as a reward.
  • Explore the world--swim across the seas to discover new lands
  • Get resources--the world is almost limitless.
  • Build various structures - houses, castles, farm.
  • More than a hundred blocks and various items available.
  • Look for food, grow crops or kill mobs for meat!
  • Build your house to hide from the monsters.
LokiCraft Features

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LokiCraft Game Screenshot
LokiCraft Game Screenshot

Lokicraft: Build Your Blocky World To Survive