About LokiCraft: Free Sandbox RPG PC Download

LokiCraft PC is a fun sandbox game developed by akseno2. This game lets you create your very own block-shaped paradise where you fill it from scratch. You can collect an assortment of materials from wood, stone, rock, earth, and more! Once you have crafted all the necessary items, it’s up to you where you would place them in the huge open world. You can build a small cabin on a mountain-top or have a cottage by the beach. Pick the right spot and you can settle into your dream location.


The game gives you the freedom to create the ideal setting where you can build and settle anywhere on the map. The catch is you need to build your home from scratch while using the world’s resources. As you explore the in-game world, you will come across rarer crafting materials that you can use for even grander items and tools.

Be warned, however, as dangerous monsters lurk from the shadows. You need to craft various weapons to ensure your survival and prevent the ruin of your settlement. The fate of your world rests on your shoulders. So explore, create, and survive by playing LokiCraft on PC! Our version will give you the ultimate sandbox experience!