How to Play LokiCraft PC: Stunning Sandbox Game Mechanics

On the surface, LokiCraft looks like a sandbox game that lets you do whatever you want. That is true to a certain degree, but just like any other game, this title has a few ground rules to keep the gameplay fun.

How to Gather Crafting Materials

For instance, playing LokiCraft PC revolves around a simple premise – gather different materials so you can craft items. And the world has an abundance of different resources at your disposal. You can get crafting materials from anything in the open world. You can hit almost any surface with your pickaxe or even your character’s arm. For instance, if you need wood, all you have to do is look for some trees and start walloping them. Hitting trees will allow you to gather wood, but in the process, the cube you’re hitting will eventually disappear. This means that you have effectively gathered all the available materials from the source. If you want to gather more, you will have to look for more trees and repeat the process.


Exploring the open world lets you discover different types of material that you can use for crafting items and tools. For example, some areas will be teeming with stones and rocks. These materials are extremely durable and are often used for making tools and building foundations. Similar to how you gather wood, you will have to use your pickaxe to collect stones since hitting them with your character’s arm is ineffective.

Some areas in the game will have rare ores such as diamonds. These are needed to craft even better and shinier objects and tools. However, getting to these precious ores will be challenging. Some ores like diamonds are found in dangerous places. You’ll have to use your wits to get them or try another area that is easier to traverse. You can also mark the area so you can come back to it later.

Watch Out for The Wildlife Around the Map

On the subject of monsters, the game also has a vast collection of flora and fauna. Given that this game also plays like a survival title, your character needs to be constantly fed. Eating food will keep your energy at a maximum. This means that you will have to hunt for food. This includes chickens, pigs, cows, and other forms of livestock. As you develop your settlement, you can even domesticate these animals so that you can raise them in your village for a stable supply of food.


However, while you can be the hunter in this game, you can also become the hunted. When nightfall starts to descend, dangerous animals and monsters such as Zombies, spiders, and other beasts begin to wake from their slumber. Taking down these threats is no easy feat since they will strike back. You will need weapons to properly dispatch them. Another thing to note about the monsters is that most of them roam at night in groups. This makes them especially dangerous if you do not have any means of protection.

The monsters use the night to swarm on unwitting players who haven’t settled in their houses. This is why it is important to build a house as early as possible so that you can be safe from the monsters in the first few days of the game.

Break The Limits Of Your Creative Mind

LokiCraft is one of the rare sandbox games that let you go beyond the limits of your imagination. It doesn’t hinder your ability to create unique structures. You can have a blocky version of the Eiffel Tower or a completely unique castle known only to you. There are limitless possibilities in this tiny little world, and everything is at the palm of your hands.

The game offers two modes: Creative and Survival. The prior lets you move freely around the world without any form of danger. You can tear down the resources to build your dream house or a stationary replica of the big city. It’s your world, you make the rules. Survival Mode on the other hand is for players looking for a challenge. This is where the monsters and zombies come in. You’ll have to contend with them on your quest to create your little dream world.

Lokicraft’s Sandbox style gameplay is best for players who enjoy absolute freedom when playing. It’s a title for those who prefer to explore how far their creativeness can take them without the limitations of cut-scenes or pay-walls. If you’re the type of gamer who revels in these aspects, then it wouldn’t hurt to give this blocky adventure a shot. You can grab our free-to-play PC version for an immersive full-screen experience. You’d also get access to customizable keymaps unavailable in other versions. But don’t take our word for it, try it out for yourself and download LokiCraft on PC now!