How to Make an End Portal in LokiCraft – What You Need to Know

If you are a player that loves doing a little crafting and building, then you are a perfect player for LokiCraft. It is an effective clone of the famous arcade game, Minecraft. However, the difference is that you can’t play with other players in this game.

Though LokiCraft lacks the sense of online play, there are still loads of adventures awaiting you. In this sandbox game, you can choose to be an amazing builder or an untamed survivor. If you’re a typical gamer that prefers building, you can freely express your creative edge by creating farms, castles, and more.

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On the other hand, if you are looking for something challenging, you can choose to fight for your survival and deal with various obstacles to survive. In this awesome game, there are many fun and exciting things to do, and what is more impressive is that there are no definite rules. So, you can experiment and explore however you want.

The LokiCraft End Portal – Defeat the Ender Dragon

If you are a LokiCraft player that loves dealing with obstacles and killing monsters, you better test your prowess by defeating the Ender Dragon. If you are rooting for excellent credits and achievement, you must not miss beating this final boss.

To access the Ender Dragon, you need to find or build a unique end portal structure. It is direct and quick access to the end, which is known to be the dark dimension where Ender Dragon lives.

There are two ways to access the end portal, and one is by repairing the broken end portal in the survival mode or creating one for yourself in the creative mode. So, we’ve developed a guide on how to reach the so-called “the end’.

Keep in mind that it is quite tricky to create an end portal. In a standard creation of a portal, it must be exactly made in 3×3 large blocks. And, for an end portal, you’ll be needing 12 End Portal Frame blocks, and each block needs to have an Eye of Ender, which is quite hard to craft and find.

Finding the End Portal in Survival Mode

Under the survival mode, you can find the end portal in the portal room located underground. To access the broken-end portal, you need to go deeper into the stronghold and use the Eye of Ender, which serves as your compass.

how to Make End Portal in LokiCraft

Once you reach inside the stronghold, don’t be too confident as you still need to find the broken end portal. In finding the end portal, you must ensure your safety against the lava and successfully knock down the monster there.

Then, on the top of the staircase, you will see the broken end portal waiting for you to be repaired. You need to fill in the missing Eyes of Ender on its frame to activate the portal. Once the pearls are perfectly placed, you will hear a loud noise, and the portal will be filled with darkness. That’s it! Jump into the portal and defeat the Ender Dragon.

Creating the LokiCraft End Portal in Creative Mode

Generally, you can’t craft the frame pieces of an end portal. But, with the Creative Mode, making an end portal is possible. All you have to do is access the frames in your infinite inventory and the Eyes of Ender as well.

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Image Source: Lokicraft End Portal

In this mode, you don’t have to hunt for the end portal, and you can simply make it by yourself from scratch. Here are some steps you need to follow in creating an end portal in creative mode;

  1. Access your inventory and grab the needed materials. To create an end portal, you’ll be needing 12 End Portal Frames and 12 Eyes of Ender.
  2. Next, start building the end portal by placing the frames correctly; you need to dig a 3×3 grid and stand in the inner part.
  3. The way you place the frames is essential. To successfully install the frames, you need to locate yourself inside the grid and face external. Then, it would help if you placed the frames along the grid edge. Remember that the side of the frame that shows extra green must be facing inside; that’s why it is better to be inside the grid when placing the frames.
  4. Once the grid is set, it is time to place the Eyes of Ender in each frame. As you placed 12 frames, you need to put 12 Eyes of Ender as well. Once you reach the final frame, the portal will activate, and you can jump in the portal to access “the end.”

Eyes of Ender are Hard to Craft

Truth be told, Eyes of Ender plays an important role in creating or accessing the end portal. It is an item in LokiCraft that can be obtained by trading, looting, and crafting. To get this significant item easily, it is best to craft them; however, you need to deal with a lot of work. To get the ingredients are hard to find as you need to explore the entire dimension of Nether.

So, are you ready to create or find the end portal and kill the final boss? If yes, try the guide above, and let’s see if you successfully jump into the end portal where the fierce Ender Dragon lives.

To start your journey in creating or finding the end portal, it is best to activate the game LokiCraft on your PC now!