LokiCraft PC: Building Your Dream Settlement


LokiCraft can be played in two ways – Creative or Survival mode. Creative mode lets you build various items and structures to fill up your in-game world. That said, the buildings you make in Creative Mode can also be used in Survival Mode. This is important since Survival Mode is particularly hard when you don’t have a settlement to shelter you from the dangers at night. Here are some important things to remember when building your settlement.

Location is Always The Key to Survival

One of the first things you need to consider when creating a settlement is where you should set it up. Generally, you would want your settlement to be easily accessible once you have entered the area. It should be near a constant source of resources like wood, stone, and food items. This way, you can quickly gather materials and food easily.

Once you have established a routine for resource gathering, you can then plan for expanding your settlement. Make sure to place markers that indicate how big your area will be. Then begin leveling the area and designate what you will be putting up on the specific regions in your settlement. For example, if you want your settlement to resemble a castle, you might need a moat around your area to keep the dangerous monsters at bay. This means you will have to create the moat as well as build up stone walls to further increase its fortifications.

Lokicraft PC Creative Mode

Maximizing The Settlement You Built

Another fun thing you can do in your settlement is to fully utilize the space you have secured. You can go for a theme and try to incorporate it throughout your structure. If you are designing a castle, you can designate a plot or two for farmland where you can grow and harvest crops.

This way, you have another steady source of food aside from hunting meat. You can also use some of your settlement to create a mini-forest or garden filled with different flowers and trees. Doing this will require you to venture out to the in-game world and look for a variety of flowers to collect and plant in your settlement.

These little things make your settlement exude a unique quality that came from your imagination and your gameplay that much more fun. If you’re the creative sort and take pleasure in world-building, then this is the best mode for you! Test your creativity by downloading and playing LokiCraft on PC now!