LokiCraft: Survival Mode Tips For Beginners


Survival Mode is a challenging yet fun experience when playing LokiCraft PC. The objective is to remain alive for as long as you can. Devastating creatures and horrifying undead lurk in the dark, and it can be daunting to a budding world-builder. Luckily, we prepared some useful tips that can help you survive the long nights of LokiCraft.

Prioritize Crafting Your Weapons

The first thing you need to do once you begin Survival Mode is to build a weapon. This is important since you will be encountering hostile wildlife as you begin looking for crafting materials. Arming yourself with a weapon makes dealing with the animals easier.

However, as you explore the world, you might come across more formidable monsters such as the Zombies or the Spiders. These enemies are harder to take down, so it’s best to equip your strongest weapon and wail at them as best as you can. Once you have acquired sturdier crafting materials, upgrading your weapon is also a good decision. This way, whenever you encounter stronger beasts, you can cut them down faster.

Lokicraft PC Survival Tips

Keep An Eye On Your Hunger & Health

As you’re exploring various nooks and crannies in the game, you’ll notice your hunger meter depleting. You have to make sure that your hunger level doesn’t go down since it’ll hinder your chances of survival! Once you’ve noticed it goes down to dangerous levels, then it’s time to eat. Luckily, there are chickens, pigs, and other livestock that you can easily cut down for food. Playing in Survival Mode means you’re constantly on the move. You will have to slay a bit more wildlife and cook them to ensure your hunger levels are constantly high.

When venturing in dungeons and underground, you have to be cautious. Zombies and other monsters call these areas their home, and they would make a beeline towards you when you enter their dens. Once this happens, do your best to defend yourself and avoid getting hit as you look for a way out. This way, you won’t lose Hearts too much. But if you are hit, try to look for health-replenishing items you can consume so you won’t die.

Remembering these tips will help you in Survival Mode. Take these pieces of advice to heart and download LokiCraft on PC now! Enjoy the fun yet challenging world-building survival RPG on your desktop or laptop! Immerse yourself in enhanced full-screen gameplay!